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Best Caravan Water Barrels

When you are out and about enjoying your caravan or motorhome and exploring far-flung places, you will need to make sure that you have a decent supply of freshwater. Unless you plan to spend your nights at a caravan pitch that has freshwater supplied directly to your pitch, it will mean carrying a caravan water barrel that can hold a substantial amount of water.

A typical person will get through at least 23 litres of water per day when you factor in drinking water, tea and coffee, cooking, washing up, hand washing and showering. By far, the easiest way of carrying a supply of fresh water is by using a rolling barrel that you can fill up from a tap and roll back to your caravan or motorhome.

Roller style caravan water barrels are safer because you don’t need to risk your back by carrying a heavy water container. It can also help to have a length of hosepipe with a flexible rubber nozzle that can fit over the water tap to make it easier for you to fill your water barrel.

Almost every modern caravan and motorhome uses a 12-volt water pump that conveniently sits in the water barrel. Still, it helps to dunk the pump in the barrel and shake it about gently to dispel any airlocks that can affect the supply.

It is also essential to keep your caravan water barrel, pump and water pipes clean. If you haven’t used your caravan for several weeks, always flush out the water system with a water steriliser and don’t forget to include cleaning any connecting barrel filling hoses.


Aquaroll Hitchman Economy 40 Litre Roll Along Water Carrier

This is a robust and practical choice for any caravan owner that is looking for an economical water barrel. The rolling design and the sturdy, collapsible, removable pulling handle makes light work of transporting fresh water to your caravan without any strain to your back.

The Aquaroll Hitchman Economy model holds a generous 40 litres of water and includes a convenient filler hose and tap connector. This is an eco-friendly choice because the barrel is made from recycled plastic and is built to last for many years of excellent service.

You can also buy a mains adaptor that can be used with the barrel where a mains water supply is available for continuous water supply.

Hitchman Aquaroll & Wastemaster Bundle

This Hitchman Aquaroll model holds 40 litres of water and comes with an adapter kit that can connect directly to a mains water supply. This makes it a flexible and convenient choice for staying at a pitch with a direct water supply.

The roller style water barrel comes with a sturdy handle and has deep rolling rims that keep the barrel well elevated when rolling over rough, uneven ground. This bundle also includes a convenient water filling tube and a robust wastewater carrier that is easy to empty.

The wastewater container is a slimline design that will easily slide under most makes of caravan.

Waterhog 52litre & Wastehog Bundle

The Waterhog 52 litre water barrel is ideal for larger caravans and caters to bigger families that use more water daily. Made from recycled plastic, this model is large and sturdy and is built for many years of reliable use.

The wastewater collection unit has an ergonomically designed handle for a comfortable grip and easy transportation. The roller barrel is fitted with heavy-duty wide tyres that will reduce sinking when the barrel is rolled over soft ground.

This is an ideal sized water barrel for caravans that use large submersible pumps as it has a wider aperture than smaller barrels.

Leisurewize LWACC501 Watermate Water Carrier – 40L

This Leisurewize model is made from food-grade polythene and is fitted with robust wide tyres to help prevent sinking on soft ground. The barrel holds a generous 40 litres of fresh water and can be filled either through the top opening in an upright position or horizontal through a side filling opening.

The Watergate Water Carrier comes with a removable metal handle with a comfortable grip that allows easy steering and control over uneven ground. It makes rolling the water barrel up inclined slopes safer without risks of it rolling away or the threat of hurting yourself when rolling it uphill by hand.

Leisurewize LWACC48 Waterhog Water Carrier 51.5 L with Pull Handle

If you are looking for a large capacity caravan water barrel, then the Leisurewize Waterhog is a good choice. The LWACC48 model holds a generous 51.5 litres of fresh water and comes with a strong pull handle with comfort grip to make moving the water barrel easy.

This is one of the largest caravan water barrels currently on the market and is ideal for a big family that uses a lot of water daily. The water barrel has been designed to give higher clearance so it won’t scrape over uneven surfaces.

It can be filled from the top or side to make collecting water easier from high or low-level water taps. The wide neck openings allow for any size of submersible water pumps to be fitted.

Caravan Water Barrel Float

Float valves are used in caravan water barrels to help ensure your water container is constantly topped up from a mains water supply. They work in the same way as the ball valve in a toilet cistern where the float rises with the water level and closes the valve shutting off the water supply to prevent your barrel from overflowing.

You can buy caravan water barrel valve systems that simply float on the water inside the tank and are attached to an arm that controls the water flow into the tank. As the water level drops, the valve arm will fall away, allowing water to flow into the tank.

Once the water level reaches the maximum level, the float will move the arm to close off the valve and stop any more water from entering the tank.


Hitchman 40MABA 244 Mains Adaptor Ball Valve

This is an inexpensive yet very effective and reliable ball valve that has been designed for use with the Aquaroll range of caravan water barrels.

Fitting this attachment allows for an easy way to supply your caravan with fresh water when your caravan pitch is hooked up to a mains water supply. It is easy to fit by screwing into the side of your water container.

Caravan Water Mains Adaptor Float Valve

This very flexible Ball Valve was designed to suit most makes and models of caravan water barrels with a side opening.

It has a Hozelock style non-return valve that makes it easy to use. Customer feedback reports say it is simple to fit and is a more effective solution than using an upturned cup-shaped float that needs to be perfectly vertical to work correctly.

Caravan Water Barrel Handles

Hitchman 40L Aquaroll Handle

This is a handy Hitchman spare Aquaroll handle to keep as a backup. It comes flat-packed for easy storage until you need it. The handle comes in three pieces and is easy and quick to assemble.

The spare handle is made of lightweight yet robust aluminium and is suitable for use with 29, or 40-litre Aqua rolls water barrels manufactured after 1992.

Caravan Water Barrel Covers

Maypole MP6621 Aquaroll and Waterhog Storage Bag - Blue

This is an ideal storage bag to help keep your Aqua Roll or Water Hog caravan water barrel clean and protected when not in use.

The bag measures 700mm X 415mm in diameter and has a pull cord fastening that makes it easy to open and close the bag without the need for zips or velcro fastenings.

Maypole 6623 MaypoleDP Insulated Water Carrier Storage Bag

This is a sturdily constructed storage bag that weighs 840 Grams. It is an insulated storage bag that has been designed to reduce the risk of the water inside your caravan water barrel freezing during the winter.

What makes this a unique and versatile storage bag is that it can be reversed to help reflect sunlight during the summer to keep your water barrel cooler. The bag has adjustable drawstrings and includes a pipe cover.