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Caravanning is a wonderful pastime for many thousands of Brits. Still, to fully enjoy your caravan and camping holidays and explorations, you need to take care of a few practical necessities before setting off on your adventure.

One of these practicalities is how you will collect and dispose of your wastewater? As you know, with caravans and motorhomes, there is no mains plumbing and sewer system to rely upon, so you need to make sure you have a reliable wastewater collection container of a decent enough size for your needs.

You also need to make sure that you can comfortably empty the container without struggling, so buying the largest container on the market for convenience may not be the best decision if you find it too difficult to empty.

If you think you can do without a wastewater container because you aim to stay on a caravan site for the duration of your holiday, you may find that your chosen caravan pitch is not serviced. This means that you won’t be allowed to pitch your caravan without a wastewater container because the site owner will not want your wastewater spilling all over the ground.

For health, safety and hygiene reasons, you need to have a wastewater collection container because your wastewater contains all sorts of things that can contaminate the ground, kill the grass, attract pests and cause nasty smells.

When you think about what will go down your caravan sink plughole, there will be hand soap, dish detergent, food waste and grease etc.

We have listed a selection of wastewater containers that come highly recommended with excellent customer feedback on this page. Caravan wastewater containers are robust and are made to deliver you years of excellent service. The brands we have chosen to list here all have ergonomic designs that make it easy to empty your wastewater into suitable locations, as instructed by your caravan site owner.

Camping Waste Water Canister (23L)

This is a sturdy black wastewater tank ideal for camping and caravan. It is a duel opening container with rubber seals and a handle for easy carrying. This container has a 23-litre capacity, and you can empty it from a standing position by tipping it into a greywater emptying point on the caravanning site.

When in use, the concave collection container opening helps prevent any wastewater from escaping and makes it easy for you to see when the tank is full visually.


Wastemaste Canister

The Wastemaster range has always been a firm favourite with caravan and campervan owners. The newest member of the range is the Economy container made in the UK from a fully recycled strong polymer material.

It is a thinner and more lightweight wastewater container styled on the original Premium Wastemaster model, which makes it easier to carry. However, just like the original model, the economy model also has wheels to allow you to roll the full container to the disposal site without the need to carry it.

This wastewater container comes with a FREE 2-year Container Guarantee covering all FL Hitchman Wastemaster ECONOMY products. To activate the guarantee, simply register the container at the time of purchase. This model is easy to control, position and empty and is made of recyclable materials.

Towsure WasteHog - 46 Litre Wastemaster

The WasteHog brand is known for its solid and durable products. This model is no exception but has the bonus of being made from recycled materials. So if you want to do your bit for the planet, this is an excellent green investment.

This model has larger than average wheels to make rolling over uneven ground more stable. The ergonomically designed handle is comfortable to grip. There are separate inlet and outlet openings with well-fitting caps for easy use.

The Towsure WasteHog has a generous 45-litre capacity ideal for larger families. It is one of the largest wastewater carriers on the market.

Xtremeauto Caravan Motorhome 38L

This sturdy Wastemaster model is made from recycled materials, making it an economical buy that is good for the planet. If you are new to caravanning, this is an excellent model to choose as it comes complete with all the necessary waste pipe connections you need, so you don’t have to buy these separately.

The duel-fit connector converts two waste outlets into one to make collecting wastewater from your caravan or motorhome easy. In most caravan setups, one wastewater pipe links the bathroom sink and shower, and another pipe comes from the kitchen sink. It can be difficult to fit two waste pipes into one wastewater container outlet, so this connector solves that problem.

Caravan Waste Carrier 40 Litre

Constructed of high-density solid polyethylene (HDPE), this 40-litre wastewater container has a moulded handle and wheels for easy transportation. This is a decent-sized container for a busy family and makes it easy to move the full container over grass or uneven ground to the waste disposal drain on your caravan site.

The slimline design makes it easy to slide under your caravan or motorhome and remains stable during use. The slimline design also makes it easy for you to spot any potential problems with a drooping flexible waste pipe. A sagging wastewater pipe can cause water to drain more slowly or even back up the pip, which no one wants. This water container gives you excellent visibility and plenty of elbow room to position your wastewater pipes correctly.

Hitchman Aquaroll & Wastemaster Bundle

The Hitchman wastewater container is robust and easy to position and transport. The 40-litre Aquaroll freshwater container is an ideal size to keep your family well supplied with fresh water.

This bundle includes 7.5m of quality food hose. The side opening on the Aquaroll can be used as a fill point when used as a traditional water carrier. The wastewater container has two filling points with a capacity of 20 litres on the top of the tank plus an extra 10L capacity on the base. The slimline design means it will slide under most caravans with ease.


Fiamma Roll-Tank 23 W portable waste water tank, 23L

The Fiamma wastewater tank is compact and comfortably holds 23 litres of wastewater. It comes with a comfortable moulded handle and wide wheels to help it move over soft ground while full without sinking.

This model comes with an extra cap for an immersion pump if needed. It has a 7cm wide opening, so it works with a Whale submersible pump or any other type of pump used for caravan and motorhome water supplies.

This is a smaller design than many other wastewater containers, but it is far more space-saving for your caravan or motorhome. It is also lighter to carry to the grey water drain, so it is ideal for those who struggle to carry or manoeuvre larger full tanks.


Streetwize Accessories Leisurewize LWACC49 Wastehog - 45L

The Streetwise Wastehog model has a generous 45-litre wastewater capacity, so it will cut down on your trips to the greywater drain for emptying. The ergonomically designed handle and wide wheels make it easy and comfortable to transport over grass or uneven surfaces, such as gravel.

If you care about the environment, you will be pleased to know that this model is made using recycled materials, keeping waste plastics out of the landfill and in use for longer.

This model has a compact design making it easy to fit under your caravan or motorhome without an issue, and all inlets and outlets have tight-fitting caps to ensure nothing leaks.