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Best Caravan Hook Up Cables

Caravanning is having a renaissance right now, and many couples and families are looking for stress-free holidays where they can take a home-from-home on wheels with them wherever they choose to go.

For anyone new to owning a caravan, one of the most important things you will need to sort out is a way to run your caravan on electricity. Just about every caravan and camping site will have a mains power supply that you can connect with, but you will need to buy the right equipment to do so.

You will need to buy a set of good quality caravan hook up cables with a decent length of extension cord to comfortably reach between your caravan electrical inlet and the caravan pitch electrical outlet.

You simply take your caravan electric hook up cable and insert the (female) connector into your caravan inlet. Then you take the (male) plug end of the cable and insert it into the site outlet socket, turning it clockwise until it locks into place.

Once both ends of the electric hook up cable are secure, you can switch on your Caravan Isolating Switch to allow the power to flow. Remember to always SWITCH OFF your Caravan Isolating Switch before disconnecting your power cable from the mains.

Luigi's 14 Metre Mains Extension Cable with Fly Lead Converter & Waterproof Carry Case

This caravan electric hook up cable is a decent 14-metre in length, so it should easily reach most caravan pitch mains power outlets.

You also get a handy water-resistant storage bag to keep your cable neat and tidy, and protected when not in use. The cable is bright orange, which makes it easy to see in low light conditions should you arrive at your campsite late in the day.

The cable is fitted with a 16 Amp mains plug and a 16 Amp mains coupler and comes with a 2-year warranty. The cable meets British Safety Standards and is encased in extra-thick rubber to protect the wires from leakage and overheating.


Motion performance Essentials 10 Metre 230v Caravan Hook Up Extension Mains Cable

An excellent quality heavy duty caravan electric hook up cable with 16 amp 3 pin male & female plug & socket. Bright orange cable for higher visibility and safety in low light conditions.

With a generous 10m cable 100% copper (3 core 2.5mm²), the Motion performance electrical hook up cable makes easy work of connecting your caravan or motorhome to the mains supply on your camping and caravanning pitch.

The cable is robust, and hard-wearing with a thick 2.5mm diameter and is very well insulated for your safety. You can buy an optional hook up adaptor that allows you to connect your caravan to your household power supply so you can cool the caravan fridge before you leave home for your holiday.

Xtremeleisure 25M Meter Leisure 240V Hook Up Cable

This package offers the best of both worlds for a caravan owner that needs an electric hook up cable for campsite holidays but also needs a conversion adapter to enable them to hook up to the power at home or in the garage.

The conversion adapter converts from 13amp (household) to 16amp. This means you can keep your caravan electrical appliances operating from home when not in use. Handy for keeping the fridge chilled and keeping low-level heating going in your caravan or motorhome to prevent damp and mildew.

The cable and conversion adapter meets with British and European Standards BS7671 BS6500 EN 60 309-1:1999 EN 60 309-2:1999 BS 1363.


The Caravan Supermarket Caravan Electric Hook Up Cable 2.5mm (10 Metre)

A high-quality, heavy-duty electric hook up cable for your caravan or motorhome that comes in a generous 10-metre length. This well-insulated cable is 2.5mm in diameter and is bright orange, so you can safely see it against grass, soil or tarmac.

The cable comes with a 16 amp 3 pin male plug, a 16 amp 3 pin female socket and weighs 5kg. If you are looking for a no-nonsense, robust, well-constructed caravan electric hook up cable that will last for years, then this is a perfect choice for you.

Selah ML25 Mains Extension Lead, 25 m

This heavy-duty 25-metre caravan electric hook up cable is suitable for caravans and motorhomes and comes with 240v 16Amp plug and coupler connectors. The cable is bright orange in colour, making it easy to see in low-light conditions.

The cable is robust and well insulated for your safety. It is a 2.5mm² thick 100% Copper 3 Core Cable and has a water-resistant rating of IP44, which is very reassuring when using the cable in wet weather conditions. The cable is CE approved and conforms to BS 7671 and EN 60309.

All Lengths Caravan Camping Motorhome Hook Up Cable

This caravan electric hook up cable is constructed from strong 1.5mm diameter 3183Y Orange PVC Flex. The colour makes it easy to see in the dark for your safety. The cable has a 240V 2P+E (3 Pin) IP44 Rated Plug and Socket.

The cable ends have been terminated using ferrules to reinforce the cable and to help it last longer.

The FREE cable carrier/ cord reel is a handy extra feature that makes it easy to store away when not in use and easy to carry and unwind without the cable becoming tangled. The cable dimensions are: 36cm x 12.5cm x 1.8cm.

10 metre Orange Caravan Hook Up/Extension Cable with 16 Amp Plug & Socket

This 16 amp rated 1.5mm diameter electrical cable is BASIC Approved (British Approvals Service for Electric Cables). The cables are constructed, and PAT tested by MCD Electrical – NICEIC Approved Contractors.

The cable is fitted with a 44mm diameter blue 16amp plug and socket. Every cable is marked with a PAT test label indicating the manufacturers NICEIC roll number. Some UK camping and caravanning sites require electric hook up cables to be PAT tested before they allow you to connect to their power supply.

Dapetz ® 14M Caravan Camping Hook Up Cable 16A Site Extension Lead Electric.

Suppose your old caravan electric hook up cable has seen better days, and you are looking for a high-quality, robust replacement cable. In that case, this is a good choice that comes highly recommended by fellow caravan and motorhome owners.

This is a blue cable that comes with a 16A CEE 3-pin plug and socket. The cable is constructed from high quality 1.5mm diameter flex. If you are looking for a decent cable length, this one is a generous 14m (45 Ft 11″) long. The cable is CE Approved and comes with a full warranty.

Leisurewize - 15 Metre Caravan Mains Lead to UK Plug Socket

If you are looking for a safe and durable outdoor power supply for your caravan or motorhome, then this is a good choice. This caravan mains lead is a generous 15 metres in length and is suitable for long periods of outdoor use.

The cable comes with protective socket covers for added safety and a high visibility colour to improve safety. The three UK 3-pin sockets have a water-resistant IP44 rating and are ideal for use in caravan awnings and trailer tents. The package includes post bracket and hooks and 16Amp double pole MCB’s (Miniature Circuit Breakers).

Caravan cables converters and splitters

Caravan electric hook up cables can come with splitters that are ideal to use when you need more than one feed at a time. For example, you may want to hook up your caravan or motorhome to the mains supply and run another line to provide power to a caravan awning or separate tent.

Buying a two-way splitter (or a multiple splitter) is worth buying if you are using two caravans on adjoining pitches. They are also handy if you have a motorhome and a boat because you can deliver power to both by using a two-way splitter for extra convenience.


This handy 230V caravan mains hook-up adaptor lets you connect to UK domestic 3-pin power sockets. The adaptor is fitted with a 3 pin UK plug that meets BS1363-1, and around 26cm of 3 core orange 230V mains cable.

This adapter makes it easy for you to hook up your caravan or motorhome at home to the mains so you can easily clean it up and prepare it for your holiday.


Crusader J220 Uk Mains Converter Lead

This is a sturdy mains converter lead that is ideal for caravans and motorhomes. You can use a standard UK 13 amp domestic socket to power your caravan. This is a handy tool to help prepare your caravan for your next trip and makes vacuuming and cleaning easy.

It is helpful for pre-chilling your fridge at home before leaving for your holiday, making it healthier for your refrigerated foods.

Leisurewize 3-WAY Caravan/Camping Hook-Up Splitter (LW670)

This is a great accessory to take with you that allows you to safely split a single electric hook up at your camping site to power up to three sockets. If you take a separate tent or caravan awning on holiday, you can run different power supplies for kettles, toasters or coffee makers etc.

Neilsen 240 V UK CT2898 Caravan to 3 Pin Mains Supply Adaptor Lead Hook Up Cable Converter

This high-quality adapter lead connects a 3-pin 240 V mains socket to a caravan hook up cable. It is water-resistant to IP44 and is ideal to use at home when preparing your caravan or motorhome for a trip.

Mains supply adapters such as these are good for pre-chilling your fridge before you set off on holiday and means that you can transfer chilled food and drink directly from your home fridge to the caravan fridge without suffering any drop in temperature.

Mercury 424.011UK Mains Electric Hook Up-Conversion Adaptor 16A Plug to UK Socket for Caravan/Motorhome/Camping - Blue

This is a useful caravan electric hook up-conversion device that you can use to connect a plug to a UK 3-pin socket. The converter conforms to BS1363-2 and comes with a 23 Amp socket.

It is a ceeform plug to trailing socket set up. It can come in handy for running electrical items fitted with a standard 3-pin plug where there is no available standard electrical socket.