Vision Plus Status 355 Omni-Directional Digital TV

Finding the right angle for some TV aerial devices can be a significant challenge, but with the Vision Plus Status 355 Omni Directional Digital Antenna, you no longer have to search. This device picks up vertical and horizontal signals for television and FM radio and the power amplifier allows you to adjust the system when necessary. The Vision Plus Status 355 Omni Directional Digital Antenna attached to the roof and angle adjustment technology allows it to be used on uneven surfaces as well.

Outdoor Amplified HDTV Aerial for Caravans

Optimal versatility is built into every part of the Mercury 120.910 UK Outdoor Amplified HDTV Aerial. This device picks up signals from TV and radio from any direction. Unlike other aerials, it does not have to be positioned in a specific direction to find a signal. High quality signals provide crisp, clear picture and audible clarity to your interior radio and TV components. The device is easy to mount on top of your caravan or anywhere you require an amplified signal boost.

Portable Digital TV Roof Aerial

With the Portable Digital TV Roof Aerial, you will not have to worry about complicated apparatuses to install. The Entire unit installs with a high strength magnet and a single coax cable. The waterproof design is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, so you can always have a strong digital TV signal wherever you take your caravan. The Portable Digital Roof Aerial has the same TV quality as a 5 meter high antenna, but maintains a low profile for optimal use.

Vision Plus Image 630 4G Digital Directional TV Aerial

If you have been looking for a lightweight, yet highly functional TV aerial for your caravan, look no further than the Vision Plus Image 630 4G Digital Directional TV Aerial. This device is merely 1.1kg and mounts to the side of your caravan, unlike other devices that mount on the top. The telescoping design allows you to easily extend the antenna to a height of up to 3.5m for optimal television performance in even some of the more remote areas.

Omnidirectional Amplified Digital HD TV Aerial

Directional amplification can allow you to pick up certain television and radio signals, but with the Helio Omnidirectional Amplified Digital HD TV Aerial, you can pick up more signals of crisp, clear radio and TV than ever before. The easy mount technology utilizes a high strength magnet system that attaches to the top of your caravan and its waterproof design ensures it will not become damaged when the weather is bad. This device is for the world traveler and no matter what country you are in, you can pick up high quality television and radio signals.

KUMA Cosmos TV Aerial

With the KUMA Cosmos TV Aerial, you can set it up once and leave it on your caravan during travel. The screw in base allows you to effectively and securely mount the device to the top of your caravan and firmly affix the coax cable to your television for optimal TV signal performance. The antenna picks up digital HD signals from 360 degrees without the need to rotate the device. The KUMA Cosmos TV Aerial is designed to provide signals to televisions of 12V and 24V connectivity and offers a full 2 year warranty to customers. If you ever have any issues your KUMA Cosmos TV Aerial, customer service is available 24 hours a day, so wherever you are day or night, you can always find someone to help.


August DTA240

Limited range can be a challenge for some TV aerials, but with the August DTA240, range is never an issue. This system is easy to mount with high strength magnetic technology and picks up signals within 80 miles of your caravan, so no matter where you are, you can see plenty of Freeview channels including weather and much, much more. The connection cable for this device is almost 2 meters long, so you no longer have to contend with short cable connections. The standard coax cable makes connecting the August DTA240 to any interior television set.

Vision Plus Status 570 Directional TV and Radio Antenna

Knowing exactly what type of television signal strength is available in all areas can be difficult for an avid caravan traveler, but with the Vision Plus Status 570 Directional TV and Radio Antenna, you will always know what signal you have. LED lights indicate signal strength and the rotating head allows you to find the exact angle for the ideal TV or Radio signal. The unit mounts easily to the top of your caravan with a 330 mast to reach high above other signals in the area. The unit features a modern, slim design that will not negatively impact your ability to travel. Go anywhere and pick up clear TV and radio signals with this powerful TV aerial.