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Caravan Draught Skirts

AB Tools 7m Wipe Clean Caravan Awning Draught Mud Skirt

With the AB Tools 7 Wipe Clean Caravan Awning Draught Skirt, there is little need for specific equipment. The 7meter system mounts to the base of your caravan via a standard awning connection. The device is 75cm deep, so it will fit most caravans with ease and the wipe clean technology allows you to essentially spray the skirt off and wipe it clean for a tidier look to your caravan. This device is comprised of white Polyvinyl Chloride material, so when properly maintained, it will last for many years to come. Take the AB Tools 7 Wipe Clean Caravan Awning Draught Skirt anywhere for optimal wind and debris protection.

AB Tools 6m Wipe Clean Caravan Awning Draught

For a shorter caravan, the AB Tools 6M Wipe Clean Caravan Draught Skirt is ideal. This device features eyelet connections for a standard awning attachment. It is easy to install and offers substantial wind and rain protection. Dimensions for this draught skirt are 15cm X 25cm X 35cm, so it covers a large space, including wheel wells. The versatility of the AB Tools 6M Wipe Clean Caravan Draught Skirt is amazing with the ability to use it as a standard draught skirt, or as an effective awning shield to keep wind and rain out of your covered outdoor area while caravanning.

Eurotrail Caravan Awning Draught Skirt

The versatility of installation of the Eurotrail Caravan Awning Draught Skirt makes it an affordable and applicable solution for many caravans. This device features both eyelets as well as the ability to connect to a standard awning rail. Its wipe clean 100% polyester material will prevent draughts from impacting your travels and remains easy to clean. The light grey colour of the Eurotrail Caravan Awning Draught Skirt provides seamless coordination to caravans of all colours and dimensions for the device are 500cm X 60cm, so it fits a wide range of caravan sizes.

Vanilla Leisure Caravan & Motorhome Draught Skirt

Not all caravans are the same. Some are long while others are shorter and it can be difficult to find an adequate draught skit to fit every caravan. However, the Vanilla Leisure Caravan and Motorhome Draught Skirt is the ideal solution for most caravans. Instead of just one length, the owner has the ability to purchase the draught skirt in lengths from 1m to 9m giving you ultimate versatility to customize your order as you see fit. The system fits a standard awning connection system, but also has eyelets every 1 meter for added versatility. The drop for the device is 70cm, so it is versatile enough for both higher and lower caravans also.

Dometic Dual Fix Draught Skirt

Variable lengths are available for the Dometic Dual Fix Draught Skirt. This device is available from 2m to 5m, so you can find the correct length for your caravan. Durable PVC construction allows the device to move with the wind without becoming damaged. It offers optimal draught protection for your caravan and can be placed at any point along the bottom through an awning rail system. The Dometic Dual Fix Draught Skirt can be fitted as a draught skirt or for wind protection on an existing awning. It provides a substantial and affordable way to protect your caravan from unfortunate draughts or offer awning protection for when the weather is not cooperating with your travel plans.

How to Fit a Draught Skirt to a Caravan

Not all caravan owners use draught skirts, but for those that travel in extreme weather conditions, it can make it far easier to heat and cool their caravan. By preventing cross wind from flowing beneath your caravan, you can maintain a more constant temperature within your caravan and a draught skirt is the best way to do this. It also helps protect the under side of your caravan from being negatively impacted by dirt and debris, so a draught skirt is a multi-functional device, ideal for virtually any type of caravan.

A draught skirt is easy to install with a C – channel or figure 8 connection system. The track is mounted to the underside of your caravan and certain models come complete with the channel already in place, but mounting a channel yourself is easy. Use a strong adhesive and allow it to set for 24 hours before installing the actual skirt. Simply slide the draught skirt along the channel and ensure every corner of your caravan is covered for a proper draught seal. The draught skirt should be large enough to fit around the base of your caravan.